International Family Law

International Family Law Lawyer in Columbus Ohio

Based in Westerville OH, Gottfried Law firm has been helping many clients understand International Family legal issues for decades.

Understanding International Family Law

International family law is the branch of family law or matrimonial law that handles all family matters such as marriage, divorce, civil unions, same-sex relations, child abuse, child abduction, child support and much more.

Gottfried law handles all of these international family law issues and specializes in the following:

International Divorce - Family Law

Our international divorce lawyers have extensive experience handling the issues of divorce, child custody and visitation, and property division in the international arena. Divorce attorney Gary Gottfried has worked on groundbreaking cases involving child custody, parental kidnapping, and The Hague convention.

International Child Abduction - Family Law

Child abduction, whether across state lines, or international boundaries, is a tragedy for those involved. Our law firm has assisted many families in these situations. Gary Gottfried was lead counsel in Friedrich v. Friedrich, which is the leading case in the world related to the Hague Convention and International Child Abduction. The Hague Convention applies to the prompt return of children to their country of habitual residence, so long as the two countries involved has signed the Hague Convention. Gary Gottfried is also a published co-author on the topic of international family law.