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What You Should Know About Dissolution

A dissolution is an termination of a marriage by agreed on by both parties to reach an agreement on all issues through the separation. During a dissolution, we do not discuss the reasons for the break-up or any allegations of fault. All issues are to be resolved before the dissolution can be filed. Then, we take the paperwork to be filed with the court. You will find our Family Law Attorneys' expertise to be greatly beneficial and supportive throughout your divorce.

Experienced Dissolution Attorney

For more than 30 years, the Gottfried Law Office has served Ohio clients with excellent uncontested divorce or dissolution cases. Our attention to detail in your specific dissolution is crucial to making your case that much easier to go through. Our lawyers are very experienced and never fail to meet your needs and answer your legal and personal questions. We provide unparalleled personal attention to your questions and need through an uncontested divorce and marital dissolution.

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Our Dissolution Attorneys Handle Complex Legal Issues

Divorces involving significant assets and high-profile individuals involve a number of issues that are not common to other divorces. At Gary J. Gottfried Co., LPA serving Worthington Ohio, we have significant experience handling substantial asset cases. Our attorneys regularly represent both men and women dealing with the personal, business, and financial issues associated the dissolution of a marriage.

Legal Terminology: Divorce or Dissolution?

Often, people are confused about the difference between a divorce, dissolution of a marriage and a separation. Basically, a divorce is the termination of a person’s marriage. Marriage dissolution is the termination of a marriage by agreement, so essentially they are the same thing. The spouses separate and a court rules on the division of property, alimony (spousal support), child support, custody and visitation.

What is a dissolution of marriage, and how is it different from a divorce?

A dissolution of marriage process may eliminate much of the divorce process and expense. Unlike a divorce, fault grounds are not at issue. Dissolution is often thought of as no-fault divorce.

Dissolution Petitions

A dissolution petition is not filed with the court until the parties have reached an agreement on all the issues that must be addressed in a divorce matter. Designation of a residential parent, parental rights, visitation, child support, spousal support, division of property, payment of debts, and payment of attorney fees must be considered in either case.

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